CTCO Lyon - award winner floating by Flyvision - with video

CTCO 2022 in Lyon was a gathering of enthusiasts of different advertising tools this March.

Our company participated again in the French exhibition after 2020.

Award winner Flyvision 4-sided showcase, CTCO Lyon, 2022

The reason is simple: every brand deserves a unique and spectacular showcase, and there are always plenty of visitors at a stand that you can't help but stop and admire the wonder of floating!

This year, we entered our 4-sided Rubik's Cube -apple of our eyes- display into a competition, which we were delighted to see come in a podium place in the "Must" competition of the exhibition, and Flyvision's display case took home the 3rd prize for Advertising Product of the Year. 🤩

We returned home from the French capital with pride, and we look forward to seeing the different variations of our award-winning showcase presenting its future owners with as many admirers as possible.